British School of Marketing

Through the creation of a shared framework of fundamental knowledge and abilities, the Bachelor of Science in Marketing offers a basis for advanced and autonomous study. You’ll obtain a special understanding of how marketing operates in our culture as well as a worldwide perspective on how it affects other societies and populations. You can choose from a variety of themes to help you develop or brush up on a variety of conceptual, technical, quantitative, and interpersonal abilities as well as understand the varied, interdisciplinary nature of business administration and marketing.

Move from general modules to more important or specialized modules using a progressive degree framework. You will be better equipped to analyze issues that real companies are currently facing and assess the merits and shortcomings of various marketing and management strategies.

British School of Marketing

Royal Holloway’s School of Business and Management professors are in charge of the Bachelor’s degree program. In terms of research deemed “world-leading” or “internationally excellent,” Royal Holloway ranks in the top 25% of UK universities (REF 2014).

Learn about marketing theory and practice in depth. By participating in immersive, interactive events with classmates and academic staff from around the world, you may strengthen the theoretical and practical foundations of marketing. With pre-recorded films, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, online tutorials, and intellectually difficult debates, you can prepare for a job online during your weekly study hours.

From professionals with a global reputation, learn. Obtain instruction from some of the top marketing minds. At the University of London’s Royal Holloway School of Business and Management—one of the top 30 universities in the UK according to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023—you will learn from eminent scholars.

Plan to become job-ready. Build the leadership and sociable skills that employers value while gaining the information and experience required to be successful in management, strategy, design, and analyst professions. Upon program completion, you’ll be equipped to contribute transferable, proven expertise to any industry.

  • The deadline for applications is October 20, 2023. For a spot, submit your application by September 11th.
  • Mohammed, a current BSc Marketing student, was a special guest on a webinar. You can view the recording of the webinar here.
  • Please use the Student Enquiry System to ask any questions you may have to the University of London.
  • Review the prospectus, the description of the program, and the schedule of program fees.
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Services for Careers

Regardless of their stage in their career—career starter, career developer, or career changer—students at the University of London can receive career development services. With input from alumni and employers, our already exceptional knowledge and comprehension of what companies seek are strengthened.

As a current student, you have access to a variety of online resources, such as career micromodules to enhance your job-hunting abilities, foreign job portals to help you discover your next position, and digital platforms to help you improve your interview skills.

You can take advantage of our highly skilled Careers Team through live career webinars and career drop-in meetings in addition to using the online tools we have available. Along with opportunities to engage with our international network of graduates, there are a variety of employer-led events.

By completing the brand-new Career & Employability Micro-Modules, which are accessible on the University of London Virtual Learning Environment and created by the graduate recruitment and professional careers experts at The University of London Career Service, you can enhance your degree transcript and improve your graduate career prospects.You receive a Career Futures Certificate of Completion after finishing each micro-module, and it will appear on your degree transcript.

Advantages of Lumni Network

Graduates of University of London programs automatically join the alumni community, a diverse global network of more than one million graduates, upon completing their programs of study. Seven Nobel Prize winners, including Nelson Mandela and Charles Kao, a forerunner in the invention of fiber optics, are among those who have attended the university as former students.

After graduating, alumni are encouraged to stay in touch and get involved in the community; in exchange, they receive a variety of benefits and services, including access to a robust calendar of events and opportunities for engagement, as well as the chance to serve as Alumni Ambassadors for the University of London.

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Graduates from the central University of London are eligible to apply for an alumni scholarship that, in most cases, will waive at least 10% of the tuition for subsequent studies. Study up on the alumni scholarship.