Computer Science Master’s Degree

Gain job advancement with a master’s degree from one of the top 5 computer science programs. The most sought-after skills can be learned while obtaining your Master of Computer Science if you wish to start or improve a successful data science or computer science profession. With a degree, you’ll be qualified to work as a scientist, analyst, engineer, leader, and more. According to Fortune’s ranking of the top online master’s in data science programs for 2023, University of Illinois scored first.

Computer Science Master’s Degree

In terms of research, education, and outreach, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a world leader. In 2022, U.S. News and World Report ranked the computer science program at the University of Illinois at Chicago among the top 5 computer science programs. Due to their foresight in developing new businesses and technology, MCS academics have a reputation for being trailblazers.

A Path in Data Science or computer science is available.

Master of Computer Science (MCS): The MCS degree is designed for IT professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of cutting-edge computer science disciplines like artificial intelligence, database and information systems, parallel computing, graphics, systems and networking, scientific computing, and more. You can lead a group of engineers with the aid of this degree, which will advance your career.

The Master of Computer Science in Data Science (MCS-DS) degree provides its graduates with full programmable control over the instrumentation of large data as well as a full-stack grasp of how to process the data to uncover novel insights and enhance organizational decision-making. The MCS degree earned by participants in this track is the same, but their coursework is heavily centered on data science.

Coursera’s feature-rich platform lets you learn while getting your MCS degree.

Throughout your time as a student, you’ll see how dedicated the MCS program is to fostering a supportive environment and a great learning environment. You’ll get plenty of chances to interact online with instructors, staff, and students from all over the world. In the computer science department, there is a staff of committed academic advisors available to help students. The advising staff holds webinars every semester to address questions from students.

Live office hours are held by the instructors to address queries from students and offer assistance with coursework. Zoom and Slack are used by students as they collaborate on group projects. The Illinois Computer Science Speaker Series also invites eminent leaders and subject matter experts to campus to share their perspectives and foster discourse on significant issues and issues in the field.

Learn cutting-edge coding techniques and get ready for a profession in technology that will see rapid growth.

The online Computer Science degree from the University of London will offer you the skills you need to succeed in this constantly evolving industry, whether you’re just starting out in technology or returning to school to change or develop your career.

With the help of useful project-based modules, you’ll learn in this course highly-desired programming, math, and computing abilities. You’ll select a learning route to concentrate on a specific IT career specialization, such as data science, web and mobile development, or machine learning and AI. You’ll gain transferable professional skills that are ready for the workplace, enabling you to manage tech projects and solve problems in almost any industry, including business, finance, education, science, and engineering, in addition to the applied computing knowledge and expertise you’d get from on-campus study.

You’ll be better prepared for a variety of fascinating careers in an industry that’s anticipated to develop by 15% this decade (the US) by learning to use a variety of programming languages, such as Python and C++. What is covered by this degree program?

Select a direction: Entry directly or through performance-based admissions

Getting a bachelor’s in computer science can help you advance your career, regardless of your entry-level skills or prior work experience in the sector. The University of London will accept applications for the via the Performance-Based Admissions pathway if you do not meet the usual entry requirements for the bachelor’s degree in computer science.

A High School Diploma (or equivalent) and relevant job experience are requirements for Performance-Based Admissions, as well as a minimum of four GCSEs. A pass (40% weighted average or better) in two of the following core modules—Programming I, Computational Mathematics, or Discrete Mathematics—is also required if you are admitted to the degree program through performance-based entrance. You don’t have to finish these courses before you enroll; they will just be a part of your first term of degree studies.

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Uncertain about your preferred entry method? Direct ingress is all that is necessary. Your application will be automatically reviewed for Performance-Based Admission if you do not meet the direct-entry requirements.