Traditional Degree

Are they Respected Equally to Traditional Degrees?

Traditional Degree : Remote learning has become increasingly popular and has significantly caught up to traditional on-campus degrees in the post-pandemic world. With the quick change in public opinion, many present and prospective students are left to wonder, “If I get an online degree, will employers still consider hiring me?” In order to answer this frequently asked topic and assist students in determining whether they may benefit from the convenience of an online degree, we conducted research and gathered our findings.

Employers – Do They Respect Online Degrees?

The value of an online degree was long considered to be at best a curiousity in the world of education. Due to the need for socially detached learning, even the most established schools and universities have started to offer college courses online. According to research from Northeastern University, 61% of HR professionals think that online degrees are on par with or even superior to conventional, on-campus degrees.

They also discovered that the majority of HR hiring staff are considering giving competencies and abilities more priority over academic credentials like degrees. According to U.S. News, many businesses are more concerned with competency-based progression in online degree programs that let students advance through the curriculum as they gain familiarity than they are with the more regimented semester schedules.

Online students now have a much better chance of finding jobs than those who study on-campus thanks to this improvement in their public image. According to U.S. News, businesses place a much greater value on graduate quality and school accreditation than on the process used to obtain a degree. Students can now get degrees in far more convenient and self-paced ways and still be just as employable as traditional students because accreditation now carries more weight than the learning style.

The majority of the sources we consulted while doing research for this post stated that while online undergraduate degrees are the most widely acknowledged, online graduate degrees still face some stigma and skepticism. Therefore, people wishing to pursue their master’s, doctor’s, or other more advanced degrees may opt to attend in-person classes in order to continue their education beyond the level of a bachelor’s degree.

Finding a Reputable Online Degree: Some Advice

If you’re thinking about returning to school online, take into account these four factors to assess a good program.


Is the school you’re thinking about solely online or does it also have a physical location? Physical campuses for schools are seen as more reliable. Employers will consider it a warning sign if the school simply has a P.O. box or suite number.


Credibility, according to the Department of Education, depends on accreditation. Verify the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s recognition of the university you intend to attend. Usually, phony agencies accredit diploma mills.

How soon can you finish the degree?

Your choice of degree will determine how to proceed. Most associate’s degrees can be earned in two years, however some can be finished quickly in 12 to 18 months. A bachelor’s degree can be earned in up to four years, but on an accelerated course of study, it can be finished sooner. Programs that offer degrees in a short period of time should be avoided.

Graduating students’ caliber

Verify statistics and information about what employers believe of a school’s graduates. Job placement rates are one statistic that can be determined utilizing Nerd Wallet’s school comparison tool that will help you assess graduate quality.

Your online degree’s chances of getting respected increase if you select a reputable college that is well-known to your company. The location of your degree is ultimately more significant than its mode of acquisition—online or on campus.

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Traditional Degree
Traditional Degree

What Online University Is Most Reputable?

The best online universities provide excellent education at reasonable costs with high long-term value. Our analysis indicates that the University of Michigan offers an affordable education with a significant return on investment. Villanova University and the University of North Florida were two other outstanding institutions that made our list.

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