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Canada For Online Courses For Foreign Students

Canada For Online Courses Have you ever considered studying programming? Sing? Learn a new language or create an app? Imagine being able to learn these things from the comfort of your couch, for nothing. In fact, you can. Online courses are a terrific place to start whether you’re a new student, established in your career, or seeking for a new challenge. We have compiled a list of online programs in Canada that are both free and charge for completion certificates. Whether you’re interested in design, technology, marketing, or anything else, we’ll provide you some terrific sites to seek for learning opportunities. Let’s get started since there are opportunities out there!

1. Robertson Online

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Two micro-courses are presently available at Robertson Online to assist you in developing your abilities and acquiring the knowledge you need to launch a successful career. To gain proficiency in medical language and terminology, you might select Medical Terminology. After completing the course, you’ll be able to decipher symbols and acronyms used to depict medical operations and treatments. You can complete this course at your own pace for 120 hours. Try our 60-hour Project Management micro-course if PR interests you to study the fundamentals, methods, and strategies of project management, including how to move a project through its life cycle. After studying this micro-course, students will be better equipped to take the CAPM test.

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2. LinkedIn Learning

The gold mine of free online courses is LinkedIn Learning. Over 15,000 courses are available, and more are being added monthly. A one-month free trial is available while you browse the courses in the Business, Technology, and Creative categories.

Canada For Online Courses

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Here are a few of the most popular courses from each of LinkedIn’s course categories, albeit there are far too many to list them all.


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Strategic Thinking Time Management: Excel 2016 Essential Training Working from Home


Learning Data Analytics and the Foundations of Python Programming


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Secrets of InDesign Creativity

3. edX

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More than 3,000 free online courses are available through edX from some of the greatest universities and organizations in the world. There will be a course for you whether you have an interest in business, design, computer science, engineering, communication, marketing, humanities, or language.

Find a course with a time commitment that works with your schedule by subject-searching online courses.

Canada For Online Courses


Over 13,000 courses are available on Udemy, a center online. Design, development, marketing, IT & software, professional development, business, photography, and music are the top course categories.

While there is a fee for these courses, the most are under $20. Through the Udemy website or app, students may study at their own pace and from professionals in many industries from across the world.

To find the courses that are right for you, take the Udemy course quiz.

5. Canadian Digital Marketing Academy

Through entirely online courses, the Digital Marketing Academy of Canada offers accreditation for employment in the field of digital marketing. Three courses, each with a different price range, are available to students.

Canada For Online Courses

Fundamentals of Digital & Social Media Marketing: $1,999
Professional in Digital Marketing Certified: $2,499
Instagram & Facebook Marketing Crash Course: Free
Regardless of a student’s financial situation or skill level, courses are taught by specialists in the field with the aim of preparing them for a career in digital marketing. Check out their blog for more details.

6. For those who work with Microsoft products or who desire to work in a position that does, Microsoft Learn is a terrific resource.

You can look up courses by job title, such as “AI Engineer,” “App Maker,” “Business Analyst,” “Data Scientist,” and others, and then select the level that best matches your skill set. Sort through these examinations and certifications to choose one that will advance your tech career.

7. HubSpot Academy

You can take a ton of free online courses from HubSpot Academy to develop your career, showcase your abilities, or expand your business. The courses offered by HubSpot are specifically designed for creatives, and include certifications in data privacy, web design and development, sales, service, and marketing. Courses can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, but longer courses typically go well over three hours.