Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head All Matches

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Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head The contest between Argentina and Brazil is a debate over who is the best. Argentina’s supporters put their country ahead in a head-to-head match. Brazil supporters declared their team to be the best. This distributor was established a long time ago. However, no one can predict when the dispute will come to a close. However, deciding who is the best liability between Brazil and Argentina is really difficult. In one regard, Argentina is the best, while in another, Brazil is the best.

Today I’ll discuss who has the upper hand in the head-to-head matchup between Brazil and Argentina. Those who support Brazil and Argentina should take the time to read this post. However, which team is the best will depend on your criteria. Then, today, we’ll go over the stats from all of Arg’s encounters against Bra. I hope everyone on this site had a wonderful day as well. So stay tuned to find out who will face off against whom in the match between Brazil and Argentina.

There are numerous factors to consider when comparing Argentina and Brazil. Argentina and Brazil have also competed in numerous events. Argentina and Brazil are directly comparable in terms of poles. Many fans are eager to compare the two clubs in terms of the championship. Many people, once again, wish to draw attention to other causes rather than the prize. Some people prioritize the amount of goals scored by a squad. The two teams are also compared based on the type of game they play and the attractiveness of the sport.

Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head
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Because Brazil has a large number of titles, its supporters desire to keep the country in the lead in terms of trophies. Brazil is said to have the most titles since it is the best. On the other hand, while Brazil has more World Cup titles, Argentina has more Copa America titles. This issue affects a large number of people.

When comparing the two teams, there are numerous factors to consider. It’s impossible to compare two teams based on a few issues or two-on-one competitions alone. So, today, I’m going to compare Brazil and Argentina on a variety of topics and competitions. The themes and competitions that will be compared between Arg and Bra are listed below.

Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head
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Brazil Vs Argentina Head To Head

FIFA World Cup Match Statistics

Copa America tournament Match Statistics

FIFA worldwide qualification Match Statistics

Roca Cup Match Statistics

Last 20  years statistics

All Statistics

FIFA World Cup qualifiers match statistics (Bra VS Arg)

Brazil and Argentina have played eight times in World Cup qualifying. Argentina has already won two games in a row. Has been defeated a total of four times. In addition, two matches were drawn. Brazil, on the other hand, has won four times. Has lost twice and drawn twice in his career. The overall number of goals scored by Argentina is nine, whereas the total number of goals scored by Brazil is fifteen.

Brazil vs Argentina Copa America match statistics

Argentina and Brazil have clashed 32 times in the Copa America. Argentina has a 16-game winning streak. Has lost ten games in a row. Six games ended in a tie. Brazil, on the other side, has won ten games. In 16 games, they were defeated. Six games ended in a tie. Argentina has netted 52 goals in total. Brazil, on the other hand, has a total of forty goals.

Brazil vs Argentina Copa America match statistics ArgBra Arg (Number of Goals)Arg (Number of Goals)Win16105240Loss1016Draw66 Total32 Matchs

Arg vs Bra Roca Cup Match Statistics

Brazil and Argentina have met a total of 21 times in the Roca Cup. Both teams have won 9 times. And drew three times. Argentina has scored 50 goals. On the other hand, Brazil has scored 45 goals.

ArgBra Arg (Number of Goals)Arg (Number of Goals)Win995045Loss99Draw33 Total21 Matchs

Brazil vs Argentina latest 20 match statistics (Bra VS Arg)

We will now discuss all the information that can be obtained by reviewing the last 20 matches between Brazil and Argentina. Argentina has won five of their 20 matches. Has drawn in three games. And has lost twelve games. On the other hand, Brazil has won twelve games. Has lost five games. Has drawn in three games. Argentina’s total number of goals is 18. And Brazil’s total number of goals is 33.

ArgBra Arg (Number of Goals)Arg (Number of Goals)Win5121833Loss125Draw33 Total20 Matchs

Arg Vs Bra All-match statistics

Here Argentina v Brazil has played a total of 112 matches. Argentina has won 40 of them. There have been 46 defeats and 26 draws. On the other hand, Brazil has won 46 matches. They have lost 40 and drawn 26. So looking at this statistic, it is clear that Brazil has won 6 more matches than Argentina. Argentina’s total number of goals is 161. Brazil’s total number of goals is 177.

ArgBra Arg (Number of Goals)Arg (Number of Goals)Win4046161177Loss4640Draw2626 Total112 Matchs

Above all, After reviewing the above information, each person will give an opinion in a different way. But we don’t want to call anyone the best. Because luck has a relationship with the game. Good luck can often lead to bad results. Again due to the fact that a weak team can get good results from an all team. So it is not right to give excellence to any team on the basis of any previous statistics. So looking at the head-to-head statistics of Argentina-Brazil, it is difficult to say who is the best.

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